Details, Properties and Photometrics • Parallel Beam Attachment

For our PARALLEL BEAM ADAPTERS, suitable for use with dedolight focusing light heads.

The following tables provide information on all dedolight focusing light heads, with original flood/spot angle, lux and foot-candle values for spot position of these light heads at 2m and 4m distances.

In the next column you find the same light head performing in flood position, but this time, after the parallel beam attachment has been included.

The column before last shows the increase in light output (over the mere output in spot position) in percentage figures, after inclusion of the parallel beam attachment.

The last column gives codes for the different parallel beam attachments, performing with those particular light heads.

Please note:

Several of these parallel beam attachments by dimension may fit several different types of focusing dedolights, but may not perform as designed.

This table gives you a detailed analysis, which parallel beam adapter matches which light head for optimum performance.

For example, the DLED7D will fit two different parallel beam adapters, one with small diameter L7, increasing the light output between 160%-190%, whilst the other one with larger diameter, the DPBA714 gives nearly three times the light output.

In the third table you also find the photometric data with the large DPB70 light in optimum adjustment, for parallel beam use and long throw.

The position of the light source in the DPB70 can be minimally adjusted, and thus, at certain distances the characteristics can be changed to achieve much higher light concentration for smaller areas. What is shown in this table for 2° spot angle, presents the optimum for homogeneity and long throw, an adjustment that should not be changed.


* For some lights, there are up to 3 choices of parallel beam attachments. Different areas of application demand different size/ weight. Smaller and lighter devices may be more suitable for smaller lighting kit. Extreme performance can be found with some larger, heavier, but also higher priced options. 

Ledzilla Series


DLED2 Series


DLED3 Series


DLED4 Series


DLED7 Series


DLED9 Series


DLED10 Series


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DLED30 Series


Classic Series DLH4


DLH200D Series


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DLH1200D Series


Parallel Beam DPB70

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